Winter Wildlife Tours-2022

Ladakh is a beautiful expanse of natural bounties like snow-covered mountains, quiet lakes, rugged terrains & cold deserts. They have preserved a thousand years old Buddhist heritage. Ladakh is a place blessed with natural beauty and is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Ladakh has plethora with natural resources and is home to a large variety of mammals and bird species found in India. Its thin vegetation, great ecosystem, and outstanding flora and fauna make it the perfect destination for wildlife tours in Ladakh.

Ladakh supports more than 225 species of birds and is home to more than 30 Mammals and one such is Snow Leopards which have more than 250 in numbers and now it is slowly increasing its number. One can enjoy wildlife in all the seasons. Varieties of Finches, Robins and Redstarts are found during summers & Winter as well. There rare species that found in the plateaus are Ibisbill, Brahminy Duck, the Bar-headed Goose, and the Black-Necked Crane. Many rare mammals in the  top predator like Snow Leopard, Pallas’s cat, this rare cat is considered as vulnerable in the Ladakh Area.  Eurasian Lynx, Tibetan Sand fox, Red Fox, Tibetan wild dog and Himalayan Wolf.   Ladakh is also home for rare mammals in the ungulates   like Ladakh Urial, Ibex, Bharal/Blue sheep, Tibetan Argali, Tibetan Gazelle, Tibetan Antelope, Wild Ass (Kiang) etc.

Hemis National Park is one place to visit where it is home for Snow Leopard that dwell in this cold region. This valley is well-stocked with rare species that will give you an incredible sight of the wildlife. Ladakh is a land to many wildlife sanctuaries like Karakoram Sanctuary, Sabu Chukor Reserve, Kanji Sanctuary, Changthang Sanctuary, Tongri Sanctuary apart from Hemis National Park.

About Snow Leopard Trek in Ladakh

Snow Leopard is the most beautiful and elusive cat and it is often called the Grey Ghost of the mountain. These are thick long haired with bushy tail white-grey coated spotted with large black rosettes; the snow leopard is a sight to behold. Hemis National Park, which is home to Snow Leopards, is a major attraction for a large number of adventurists and Wild cats  lovers from all over the world especially in winter.

Experience all the adventure with Snow Leopard trek in Ladakh and encounter many surprises in every turn. The trek to Ladakh will make the visitors acquainted with Rumbak Valley. The trekking will allow you to enjoy the mighty Himalayas. Explore the ancient architecture of Ladakh and witness the magical blend of flora and fauna. The best time for Snow Leopard Trek in Ladakh from December onward till March.

Experience Excitement with Maitreya Tours

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Trip Duration: 12 Nights - 13 Days
Best Time: October to February
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Trip Duration: 12 Nights - 13 Days
Best Time: January to February
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